Monday, November 23, 2009

Frantic Weekend.

It was a busy weekend. I need a weekend from the weekend. At least it's a three day week.

I was out Friday night, only to come to our female dog outside and barking. The phone rang the minute I got in and it was our neighbor explaining that the dog had been out since 2 PM barking the whole time. Yes, they bark all the time but usually at something. I'm not sure what she was up to and why she didn't just come in her little doggie door but I got her in and calmed down and she was fine. Great! another barking "incident".

Saturday was spent at the wife's Uncle's funeral. Uncle "E" had ALS for the past 32 years so I'm sure it was a relief to the family but it was sad. I must have missed the Order of the Mass pamphlets with the Hymms and Readings on the way in and found one in the pew. I was following along just fine until we got to the final Hymm which was listed as the "Battle Hymm of the Republic". I thought that was an odd choice for Uncle E, but who knows, maybe he was a civil war buff or something.

I then realized I had found a pamphlet from another funeral. At least I didn't start singing "Mine eyes have seen the coming .....".

I was a last minute pall bearer. Actually, we all were. Instead of picking people out at the beginning of the service, the funeral director pulled an audible and picked guys out of the pews at the last minute. I thought it was a recipe for disaster but it worked out.

Sunday was a Orienteering outing framed by food shopping (before) and finishing painting the living room (after). I came in seventh on the Orange course, second for my age group.

We had started painting the living room last week and Youngest son helped with priming painting. He needed the money. It was lesson in learning to pay attention - for me.

He yelled something from downstairs and I responded with a "ya?" as in "Ya, what do you want?" and he took it as "affirmative". What he had asked was "Should I bring the newly opened, full container of 2 gallons of white primer upstairs into the living room, you know the one with the carpet on the floor and all". Well that's what he must have said since the next time I saw him he was spilling paint in the hallway.

Lots of paint.

I spent the next hour cleaning that up. Luckily it all hit the carpet runner and I dragged that right out and hit it with the hose right away. Of course I got all out when the Mrs came home and declared that she hated the carpet any way and she would have just thrown it out.

Wish she were home when the spill happened.

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