Saturday, October 17, 2009

If you were in row AA of section 311 on Tuesday, those pants DID make your butt look big.

This past Tuesday was the long awaited Springsteen concert at the Spectrum. You may recall that in April I made absolute idiot of myself by blurting out something semi-obvious and yet oh so personal about the woman in front of me.

This time I was able to keep my mouth shut.

The seats were in the row one of the second deck on the right side of the Spectrum. Naively I assumed that row one was in the front of the section but to my surprise there was actually a row in front of the four of us. The row in front must have been an after thought way back in 1969 or so after the Spectrum was built because it looked low, as if it were and aisle in days gone by.

Late in the third hour a youngish drunk guy in a Giants Steve Smith jersey actually thought it was 1969 and stumbled through that front row as if it weren't even there. Maybe he was a time traveler and had not realized that a "new" row was there now. Any way he nearly took a header off the second deck as he stepped into the pit that was row AA.

The people in front of us in row AA had absolutely huge butts. I could not get past it. Ever time I turned forward I saw a big butt swaying to the music. I looked around at the crowd and thought there are a lot of big butts swaying to the music. Big Butts in huge Dockers.

I did not blurt out "That woman has a huge butt" this time. I dared not even speak it since I was sure that would be the point at which the music stopped for 10 seconds and all of section 311 heard it.

Bruce played over three hours. Non-stop. No break. Even at age 60 you have to give him credit for his stamina. One song would finish and it's a 1-2-3 count and new song and sometimes the E street band hadn't even finished the other song.

Tuesday night was absolutely the single best set list I have ever heard at a Springsteen concert.

The first six songs included the rare Seaside Bar, Out in the Street and Hungry Heart. There ere three "new" songs as well, two from Working on Dream and the newly minted "Wrecking Ball" which was reworked for Philly after being written for the Giants stadium shows. Oh and Outlaw Pete made the set list. Bruce, you have 500 really good songs. This isn't one of them. I didn't really like in April and liked it less now.

Next up was the live performance of 1976's Born to Run, in order and as close to the album as possible. It was strange to to hear typical encore material such as Born to Run and Thunder Road in the middle of the show and Tenth Ave Freeze Out did not have the old time Gospel spiel break in the middle. Meeting Across the River featured Curt Ramm on trumpet and Soozie Tyrell on violin.

Hearing Born to Run live was worth to price of admission.

The request portion of the show continues and this time it didn't look as rehearsed as Bruce and the band conferred before launching into Little bit of Soul.

And then I finally got hear the Philly favorite, Fever, live.

Finally, the last song was Rosalita. Like I said, the best Bruce set ever.

Blurry pictures here.

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