Saturday, September 05, 2009

Morning Swim.

It always amazes me how the weather in Philly can turn on a dime on the first day of September. Last week it was jungle hot and then Monday morning came with temperatures in the low sixties and massive dew on the cars. Every morning was even cooler that the morning before it with great "sleeping weather".

During the days we had what I call "9/11" weather. Bright sunshine with cooler temperatures. The only difference was planes in the air. Only the cicadas that procrastinated in August remain and even their rhythms are half-hearted. At night the chirping of the crickets is slowed near the rate of the breathing of a hibernating bear and the sun struggles to warm the day with less direct sunlight. Like a rockstar that has kicked heroin, summer is trying to make a comeback.

Of course all this cool weather sucks the life right out the pool temperatures. While the week before it was in the mid eighties, it now registered 74 by weeks end. Still warm enough for the determined or the really, really hot. I was both after two early morning bike rides this week. On Thursday I was called crazy for jumping in at 6:30 AM after a bike ride. It was still sort of warm though.

The Weightwatchers thing is going great - except for turkey burgers err ahh Soylent Green. I just can't stomach them (literally) and after two attempts I am throwing in the towel. They just taste like cardboard and after figuring out the point difference was minimal for lean ground beef and turkey, guess what.

I guess I never got over the musshy "meat" in my hand and the keeping back the vomit. But I may try Zach's recommendation of ground turkey for tacos once fall hits for real. I think the spicy seasons can mask the nothingness that is ground turkey. Until then turkey and I are "taking a break". I may wait until Thanksgiving for that much turkey again.

While the change in eating habits are becoming more and more familiar, the weekly WW meetings are getting old. As predicted there were even fewer at this weeks meeting while we were going over goals. Fewer people also means fewer guys at the meetings and this week I was the only man to hear one of the ladies share that her goal was to be able to walk around the house naked.

Too. Late. Must. Think. Of. Something. Else. That image is now burned into my memory, thank you.

The well intended leader is trying to breathe life into the group with enthusiasm and cheer leading but I'm not sure it's working. There is a lot of "Beuler? Bueler? Anyone?" after she asks a question and she trying to get us pumped up but we aren't buying it. It's very awkward.

Face it. This sucks but we are getting through it. IT IS NOT FUN eating chicken and lettuce 24/7. Stop telling me it is. Shut up and give me some fries.

I'm eating more chicken than Frank Perdue. (Although there really isn't any evidence that he actually ate chicken, is there. He just looked like one. ) . Last night I broke down and had a cheeseburger for the first time in two weeks. Of course the moment I took the first bite I got a phone call. It was like have your sister in law call during a romantic moment at home. It was just me and my cheeseburger and then it wasn't.

Even with the burger, I made my point goal but dinner was over half the points for the day.

I must say it is working. Officially I lost 12 pounds in two weeks although I think it is closer to 8-10.

I'm only sticking to the "regular" points - I have never used the bonus points (yet). And I'm getting 2-3 bike rides of 30-60 minutes in every week.

This week I also discovered shrimp. Shrimp is low calories, low fat and good. I may stock up on that again this week. First I made kabobs:

Shrimp, pineapple, canned whole white potatoes, sweet onions and red pepper on each skewer, spray with pam and sprinkle Cajun spices on them. Grill on low for about 12-15 minutes. I figured a point per skewer.

Then I just grilled onions, red pepper and shrimp on the stove. Nine 31-40 count shrimp is 2 points.

On to anther week of skim milk and 1 point English muffins.

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