Friday, September 11, 2009

Its now the Fall of Paul

I'm declaring the summer of Michael officially over as of 9/9/09 and we are now in the fall of Paul.

Like the chill in the air and the cooling of the pool, each season brings with it something new and something old departs. So just as when the sidewalk vendors on 15th street took down their Obama shirts and put up Michael paraphernalia in June, I'm moving into a Beatles phase.

Hail to all things Beatles again.

My wife was one of the first to buy the new Beatles Rock Band game and she and youngest son played the first day on 9/9/09 (and shouldn't they have released on 9/10 or the "one after 9/09"?).

I haven't played but I have been listening to a lot of Beatles on the iPod.

I usually have the iPod on a "random order" mode where the iPod selects what song will play next but yesterday I listened to Abbey Road in track order.

It amazed me that I still knew what the next song was going to be from years of forced vinyl ordering. As soon as "Something" ended, I just knew that "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" was starting up next. I had forgotten that as much care was put into the ordering as the songs themselves. John-George-Paul-Paul-Ringo order the songs are etched on the album, the way that they were intended to be listened to.

I once heard Mick Jones, formerly of the Clash and now a member of Carbon/Silicon, say that downloading a single song from an album is like cutting the eye out of the Mona Lisa because "that's your favorite part". While having a former punk artist reference classical art might seem a little odd, it's true. On good albums, it's best to listen to the whole thing.

On the weight watchers front, I lost two pounds this week and my tip of the week is "buy a scale". I bought the "Biggest Loser" model for $20 on Labor Day at Kitchen Kapers. I bought in frustration over how much "3 oz" of cooked pork roast was. I had guess about 1 oz per slice and had 3 slices on my plate. When I bought the scale and weighed it, it was more like 0.5. I had given myself a small portion! I also had been over estimating rice and pasta portions. Now the portion control is crisp and precise with the mass in g on each product. That is if you know the difference between g and oz. My wife misunderstood and attempted to pour 29 oz of Cheerios into a bowl.

Let's just say it overflowed.

A bonus tip this week on eating out. I got in and out of Olive Garden with a 6 by checking the menu ahead of time and selecting the Venetian Apricot Chicken and a salad with fat free dressing. Check the menu ahead of time or just go to Seasons 52 in Cherry Hill. Everything on the menu is 475 Calories or less.

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