Sunday, August 16, 2009

That's a wrap.

That is a wrap on OC 2009.

I really had a great time and it was a very memorable vacation, not for where we went but for who we went with.

We have been vacationing with the C family since 1995 and are blessed to have such great friends that are willing to be Circus members with us.

They help set up the big top (Which was the best single item that anyone brought down) and help drag it back up. We know how to food shop together and have it down to a science, except for the crazy ivan that Mr C pulled by using "self check out" with 62 items. (Thank You to the check out woman at super fresh that rescued us). We know

By the Numbers:

13 Guests over the course of the week.
$250 initial food shop
1 piece of corn that hung around for 3 days.
28 bags of ice.
246 Digital Pictures (just me!)
11 Wave runners (including the "other" house)
100 Square feet of shade on the beach.
60 miles on the bike.
5,7,10 & 20 - Price of Jilly's same parking spot over the course of the week.
2 The number of beach badges purchased (Mine are down there, pointing to the beach)
10 pounds of ham the first night.
2 6 pound chickens (and that was an off night)
6 pounds of hamburger for tacos.
3.08 Inches of Rain

Pictures here.

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