Sunday, August 23, 2009

Late Summer blahhs.

It is a rainy weekend with heavy air above Philly being wrung out like a wet dishtowel between Hurricane Bill and a cold front. Mount La-La received about 2 inches of rain yesterday with more predicted for today. It's as humid out there as a jungle in 'nam in '72 and all I want to do is sit in a fox hole listening to Hendrix, cookin' H with a bandanna on. Not that I've ever been there (OK then, the Philippines in '82 and I'm not saying what I'm doing, you happy?).

All of this follows the first official Philly heat wave of the year with 5 days over 90 degrees F.

You forget what is like outside and then go out to pick up the paper and the heavy air lands on you like a wet Posturepedic but up side is that the pool is 85 degrees, even after a rain.

The rain and humidity must be effecting the cicadas as well. The first thing I noticed after vacation was that cicada activity was way up as you could hear the things breaking into song and out of their skins everywhere during heat wave. Oldest son and girlfriend watched one escape and leave behind a hard shell in the Cherry/Money tree from the hammock that I am never in. It took hours, ahh, to have that kind of time.

The weekend has been eerily devoid of cicada activity, like some sort of horror movie.

Youngest son is in upstate New York at pole vaulting camp. This one of those activities he complained about doing until he actually got up there. He sounded like he was having fun in infrequent calls until last night when he asked for his Mother to make him a chiropractic appointment. His back must be hurting him. Of course he is located in the last place in the continental US where that army of Verizon workers dibbles down to just that guy with glasses and he can't get reception either and so he just looks at you and shrugs his shoulders. No, I can not hear you now. The phone call dropped so we didn't get to hear details. He is due home today.

Oldest son is firmly entrenched in the Apartment in the "complex" working and waiting for the school term to start. The lack of Internet and TV in the complex is getting to be a problem. he has a TV but is of the old fashioned "analog" variety. Of course there is no Obama money for getting digital TV now since he moved in on the 31st of July, the very day the stupid Digital TV conversion program ended. I checked two days later only to find out that he is on his own. When all that gibberish about the Digital TV conversion was going on, I never thought I'd actaully know some that got shut out of TV view, let alone participate in it. Who knew?

The Internet problem may be able to be solved with a really good Wi-Fi antenna since he can see SHU from his window. Three words: "Keep the package".

After spending a week at OC in the commune, I found it hard this week to not have 10-15 people around all the time. It's fun for a week but I'm sure after 2 we'd be at each other's throats over stupid things like "You left my shoes at the beach/what part of "my" didn't you get" (an actual conversation on the final day). I miss the circus though.

Food shopping yesterday an adventure since I started weight watchers. It was like I was in whole new store as I bypassed my usual line up (batting first, Mon-Thu: Jimmy Dean Bacon Egg and Cheese sandwiches, 7 points and a fat content expressed in scientific notation) for some new tryouts to the meal repertoire team. Of course that means examining the candidates nutritional data and taking on more team members then required, but only as "try outs". It's like pre-season and the 53 man roster is weeks away. I have a lot of Brandon Gibsons on the team at this time. That added time to the shopping trip and to the bottom line at check out time.

I also got an education in labeling. The "mutli grain, high fiber" hamburger rolls had less fiber than the "light" ones right next to them and just because it says light, it doesn't mean it's low calorie.

This beats having to make due for points like last week.

I also broke my iTrip iPod FM transmitter somehow on vacation. It took years to find one of these contraptions that didn't feel like I was in Upstate New York with the Verizon guy by himself. It's a mystery that it broke since it was in the unmoved car for most of the week. It still works but the LCD has leaked the "L" part into the middle of the screen making the display look like the cover of the Police's Ghost in the Machine Album. Now I need to make up a chart that has the LCD partial Segment to FM Frequency conversion. C and half and an H is 88.3, C and the upper right half a square is 88.5 etc etc. This works great until 89.1 and 88.1 are the same.

Maybe who ever drank the tequila broke into the car and smashed it too? Who knows.

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