Friday, August 14, 2009

Last night the adults went over to Somers Point for dinner at the Anchorage Inn. I thought that the Anchorage Inn was a restaurant that time forgot but this morning I hopped on the bike and rode back and found out the whole town is like that.

Apparently Somers Point is the land that time forgot.

In New Jersey we don't really have steep hills to climb on the bike but we do have overpasses and bridges and the fact that I climbed two of them to get there this morning perhaps made me delirious. I thought I was in 1965.

Maybe it's the fact that no chain stores and restaurants litter the place and everything is a home grown business. It has a down-the-shore charm that has long since been overrun by hundreds of thousands of tourists in places like OC and Wildwood. The hundreds of thousands never came and stayed at Somers Point, they just passed through and then came back later under cover of night for a drink.

I rode along Bay Ave and found The Breakfast Bar. It's around back of Smitty's Clam bar which opens at noon.

I normally don't ride the bike to have breakfast since it makes for a tougher ride home, but I felt compelled.

I had a seat at the counter near the cash register.

Maybe it's the lack of air conditioning that makes the place seem more of throw back or the old school waitresses that move non stop serving breakfast to the 10 or so tables. I felt like I had stepped into a time warp.

The waitresses all were shirts that have "Round Back" on the front and "The Breakfast Bar" on the back. You knew that if they only had the time, they would chat it up with you.

The place is also tiny. There is a side room but BJ, the owner, had let the Men's prayer group have the room since they meet there every Friday. They only took one of the 7 or so tables but she let them have the room for privacy. Jill, the red haired waitress that took my order, thought this was somehow funny. This caused a bit of a wait if you wanted a table but folks didn't seem to mind.

It's also the kind of place where you can see your breakfast being cooked through the opening that the waitresses use to pass their orders to the cooks. If you turn around you can see the boats tied to the docks on the bay front. Outside you can hear the sea birds and smell salt air.

I could have sworn I saw an Apollo take off at Cape Kennedy being covered on the "Today" show on the TV.

I had an omelet, hash browns, toast and coffee but was tempted to try the eggs benedict.

Maybe it was nostagia and salt air but it was delicious.

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