Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's time.

It's a rainy morning and I'm drinking black coffee with Splenda. I normally drink coffee with sugar and half and half. Rich, fatty half and half. Rich, smooth, delicious half and half with flavors like french vanilla.

The half and half is gone because I've decided that being over fifty and eating like I'm 18 just isn't working out. There are no old fat people.

I've joined Weight Watchers at work and I'm on day three of the first week and have found it, well, challenging.

Our weigh in was Thursday. When I say "our" I mean me and 50 women. There were at total of 3 guys out of at least 40 people. I guess I knew that when I started this would be skewed towards the females but to be one of three seems a little odd.

Beyond my support group being all women, I'm adjusting. The Jimmy Dean Breakfast sandwiches that I ate every single day for breakfast are gone as is the delicious berry juice. Hello Cheerios, Skim milk and water. In fact I'm drinking a lot of water. For lunches I'm doing the Lean Cuisines that I have always done but am no longer augmenting that with a hot dog from the cart.

Dinner is tough and I'm coming home like a contestant on Survivor after day 15 but I'm saving all my points for the end of the day.

The first day was tough and I learned a lot about wasting points on things that don't fill you up like the greasy, oily "Movie" popcorn that was in the house. I think I'm going to have to go through and do a sweep of all the fatty foods still around the house.

I also am learning a lot about portion size. Many of the portions on the "Nutritional Data" panels of products are ridiculously small. 2 Tablespoons of salad dressing, 3/4 cup of Cheerios, a bag of popcorn has three servings in it. I'm having to measure things to get it right because if I just dump something into a bowl, I end up with double portions.

Somethings may never be back. Like Five Guys. Just for fun on Friday I went to their web page and figured out what a double cheese and fries was in points. I should have just stopped when I couldn't find the "nutritional data" as a direct link off the home page. I had to search for it. OK I guess five guys doesn't want to advertise that they aren't exactly healthy but to bury it five layers deep in an FAQ? Then, when I did find it, they had the components listed and not a complete meal. This of course was feature: build your own burger. A fatty, fatty burger. You had to add two patties, buns and cheese along with two times the serving size of fries since they had assumed that everyone splits their fries with some one else.

The results? I can't go in five guys and sniff the air because that alone is two points and the typical meal I was getting once every two weeks or so is four more points then I can have in day. It's more than my bonus points for a week. I was also shocked to learn that the diet soda DID NOT SUBTRACT POINTS.

So far I don't think I've haven't lost a pound but I have to say I do feel better. I can actually feel my body starting to adjust, it's either that or grease withdrawal.

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