Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It wasn't bad.

Yesterday I crossed a boundary I thought that I never ever would. One that I thought I would only cross if forced to, one that I thought was so horrible that I would never, ever like it even if I did cross it.

I tried ground turkey in burgers on the grill.

Like everyone seems to say, "it wasn't bad".

It wasn't dripping down your chin, howling at the moon, mmm good delicious - "it wasn't bad". Nobody eats a five guys hamburger and says "it wasn't bad".

I found a recipe on the Internet and the woman that made it swore that her Husband loved them and would never go back to ground beef. What else would you write on your on recipe? "it wasn't bad"?

After I mixed it all together I got a goopey, mushy mixture that I tried to form into patties. Just touching it gave me a touch of vomit in the back of my throat. Not a good sign to start with.

Once on the grill I learned the meaning of 94% fat free as the goopey "burgers" stuck to the grill. Mental note to self: Next time more pam.

I pulled some off the grill and feed it to the dogs. They gave me a look taht could only be explained as "it wasn't bad"

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Anonymous said...

You haven't lived until you tried....Veggie Burgers. Let the dogs try that and see what the look like.