Thursday, August 13, 2009

I think OC needs one more Taco Stand.

It really is amazing how quickly you adapt to life on vacation. It does sound funny, like what could be so hard about living on vacation but people naturally seem to need structure and function.

Life down here quickly evolves into a series of little "jobs".
  • Keeping ice in the cooler.
  • Being the advance team for taking stuff to the beach.
  • Making dinner.
  • Laundry.
  • Cleaning the kitchen.
  • Getting up and riding the bike to Atlantic City. (That's a job, I swear)
Even with all these little jobs, it's not enough to keep you occupied. By about Wednesday you start having thoughts about how you can keep doing this forever. Thoughts cross your mind of opening a Taco stand even though you have never even worked in the food business or opening a bike rental stand even if you haven't ridden a bike since grade school.

Of course this is one of those things that sounds great at first but would quickly turn into what it really is - a job.

I have a friend that has a business down here and he calls summer the 100 days of hell. In his business they go Memorial Day to Labor Day, plus the shoulder seasons without a break. The pace is hellish on top of dealing with employees and all the business headaches that come with being your own boss.

With that in mind, things are starting wind down here. We are closer to the end of our vacation than to the beginning and I am starting to think about heading home.

It's either that or open a Taco stand.

In other news we have a fresh set of faces here as the second half guests have started arriving. When ever new teen aged girls arrive they immediately get a new "shore name". Currently, we have Cindy and Penelope, Sabrina and Tabitha. I refuse to call them by their real names for the duration of the vacation. Yes, I am "that guy".

I think last night was our last circus style dinner as we are consuming what ever is left in the fridge and not buying anything else. From here on out it's Mack and Manco's and Wawa hoagies - for the kids. The Adults are going out to dinner.

Speaking of Mack and Manco's - this seems to be one of those things that really could only happen at the shore. If you actually paid $17 for runny pizza at home you would demand that they give your money back but down here you make like you've just had steak and lobster. Also, for future reference the break even point for slices versus a whole pie is 7.

We also a have a bit of a Tequilla mystery. Last night when the adults went to bed there was 2/3 of a bottle of Jose Cuervo Especial. This morning there was only 1/3 and the bottle was pushed all the way to the back, behind the toaster from hell. When asked, the college aged crew said "well Joe made Margaritas". Joe left yesterday morning when there was still 2/3 of a bottle.

I think it was little Mexican fairies. If you are in OC and see bunch of dark skinned fairies named Juan and Jose, drinking massive amounts of water and having a greasy breakfast, let me know.

Until then, it's a mystery. But trust me, either way, the Tequila gets locked up tonight.

The smartest thing I did this vacation was to plan ahead and move the newspaper from home to here. Every year I say I am going to do it and then forget until it is too late. This year I did it in May and every morning I have a Philly Newspaper in front of the house. I'm either a genius or I'm stealing the neighbors paper every morning.

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