Saturday, August 29, 2009

Elephant and Castle

Another weekend and Philly stuck between another tropical weather system and a front. This time around it is Bill's kid brother Danny and three quarters of an inch of rain was our reward. I've never seen an August were the grass was a green as April and I am still emptying 3 trash bags of grass clippings. Typically cutting the grass this time of year is more for show. You go out and sweat, pushing the mower around but it doesn't really cut any of the dry, crunchy stubble.

Danny is smaller and messier that Bill but is coming closer.

Since it was raining on Friday night and if I sat in the house I would simply eat, I did the food shopping. A rainy Friday night is better for food shopping than a sunny Sunday afternoon. I went to the Shoprite-that-used-to-be-stop-and-shop-and-a-super-g instead of the Wegmans, so once again it took 2 hours and cost twice as much since I was looking for all low fat type stuff, but now in a new store.

I have to admit the Shoprite had a much better selection of ground Turkey (which forevermore in this blog shall be referred to a Soylent Green) and knowing now that I gag if I shape burgers from it, I purchased pre made turkey burgers.

Thursday was weigh in day with the Weight Watchers crew and as predicted, there were fewer members than at the previous meeting. I have to admit I was surprised at my results. Officially I lost 8 pounds which earned me a little gold star in my book, but there is some controversy over the number 8 in my mind.

You see, I weighed in the first time fully clothed and wearing shoes.

This time I took of the shoes and because it is a group of mostly women and at work, I elected to remain dressed.
(BTW: If you are going to be in a group with 50 something women, maybe WW isn't the group you would choose).

The shoes have to account for 2 pounds, right?

Still, the results are impressive and I can feel it already. This morning I'm sitting here in shorts that if previously I had worn them all day, would have left a mark and left my lower torso tingling after an hour. This morning they are just sort of snug. Not exactly scientific but I'm happy with it.

It really isn't that hard - if you stay out of restaurants. The biggest challenge of week was on Wednesday when I recalled that a vendor invited me out to lunch weeks ago and he chose the Elephant and Castle.

I had been to the Elephant and Castle at 18th and Market before and knew that it wasn't about cottage cheese, fruit cups and lettuce. But if they did have those items, they would all be deep fat fried. Besides, you know that any placed named after two of the largest objects on earth isn't about small. It might a well be named the "The Large Blubberous Whale and Jabba the hutt". Their tag line should be "If you want to be as big as an Elephant AND A Castle......"

I had looked over the menu before getting there and thought the only thing they had that might be under 50 points was something called "Balsamic Greens" and that didn't sound very good.

I went for meatloaf.

The sales wienies ordered fried calamari (Oh and how do they eat in these places and keep BMI's below 30 by the way?) and I stayed away from it.

The meatloaf came on a plate the size of Delaware. There were two seven inch pieces in a barbecue type sauce, two ice cream sized scoops of mashed potatoes and a pile shiny, greased up green beans. Ohh and in case the BBQ sauce on the meatloaf wasn't enough, there was more on the side.

I figured it had to be 1500-2000 calories if I had eaten all of it and calamari. I obviously did not. I had one piece of the meatloaf, about half of one scoop of potatoes and all of the green beans, with the green beans going first. I figure I was lucky to get out of there using 21 of my 31 points of for the day. Of course that meant a lean, lean dinner.

I also figured out why you shouldn't dive back into meat after a week of Soylent Green. Let's just say there were some strange sounds coming out of my cubicle after that lunch.

After that experience, it was easy to see why we are all huge. If you have 2 x 10 ^ 3 calories for lunch and have a reasonable breakfast and dinner with dessert, you could easily ingest 3 -4 THOUSAND calories and gobs of fat in a day.

So it's off to another exciting week of skim milk, cardboard bread and pineapple. Next week: the thrill of one point English Muffins.

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