Sunday, August 09, 2009

Camp OC is open.

It s the first morning of vacation and it's raining. Went for a bike ride before the rain and then came home soaked. I brought home bagels only to find out that we are saddled with a finicky toaster. Its a late model Black and Decker that makes me long for simpler times when toasters snapped on with a load click and burned the crap out anything put in them. This one has electronics and a special "bagel" mode that apparently means just slightly warm the bread.

We finally gave up and used the broiler. It's like Wildwood but with a "good bread knife".

Now it's Rock Band while some drift off to the beach in small groups.

We have two houses and it's like adult summer camp,we have 14 in our house the other has 12 or so.

Some of our guests are leaving tonight only to be replaced by others. We need a schedule to keep track. Buses are leaving daily for home. We are waiting on Oldest and girlfriend to show. They got bumped from last night - A lesson in planning ahead for him.

On today's agenda is volleyball and a ham dinner.

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