Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Aqua Circus.

Yesterday the circus turned into an Aqua Circus as we rented 11 Wave Runners in the bay north of the ninth street bridge.

It was the longest 1/2 hour of my life.

The things have two modes - putter endlessly and 600 MPH. Anything in between and your passenger slams into the back of you or hangs on for dear life.

We lost one whole set of driver and passenger when the passenger pulled the driver off. Ohh and those things that go around your wrist that stop the Wave Runner when you fall off? Didn't work. They swam and chased down the puttering wave runner.

We also determined that everyone's fear of shark attacks is of the charts the week after Shark Week.

As a group, we emerged unscathed.

We also wised up and sent an advance team to the beach after discovering that if you show up a 2 PM with a crew of 25, you get a spot in the back.

I was on the advance team. Actually, I was the advance team and I headed to the beach dragging the 10 by 10 shelter.

You can't have a circus without a tent.

I found myself unprepared for the tides and the placement of the big top. The plan was to put it up, reserve as much real estate as possible, leave no room for someone to sneak in front and block your view and then leave. We'd be back later and have a primo spot. But do this you need to know when and where high tide is going to be.

Then I met Gene. Gene was down for the day and was catching rays so I asked him about the tides. Gene looked Paulie Walnuts from the Sopranos but knew his stuff.

With Gene's advice we had a perfect placement of the tent. High tide came and kissed the edge of our encampment. Eventually, when the tide went out people moved in front of us but until they did we had front row seats. Unfortunately everyone was exhausted after the Wave Runner episode and never went back to the beach.

Dinner was Italian night at the other house. Two large trays of baked ziti, 128 meatballs and tomato salad.

Everyone was in bed early.

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