Wednesday, July 01, 2009


The best thing about summer is that when I come home, I never know what I might find the kids doing. Yesterday it was Michael Jackson, Ham and fruit kabobs and, of course, dyeing their friend Noam's hair blue.

Actually it was blond by time I got home. Well, redish blond with the edges his natural brown. Yes, when I came home my son was bleaching his friend's hair. That wasn't the best part. The best part was when my wife got involved. She was worried about getting blue dye everywhere along with bleach so she stepped in. She helped bleach and re-bleach his hair. Pictures here.

He dyed it blue because his parents wouldn't let him have it blond. It makes perfect sense of course when you are the parent and are saying it, it's only after wards that you are saying to yourself "did I just tell my son to dye his hair blue instead of blond?"

Youngest son is becoming obsessed with Michael Jackson. He's been listening to nothing but and studying dance moves. He's also started rolling his pants up. Michael Jackson was the only guy on the planet that could get a way with "flood' pants. I guess you have to have high pants when you are paying that much for socks.

For Youngest Son's generation it's like discovering Star Wars. As they were growing up Michael Jackson's star was diminishing. He only knew Michael Jackson the alleged pedophile not the guy from Thriller. He has been scouring the Internet for MJ stories and was telling me all about the 50 degree lean in Smooth Criminal and MJ's Patent.

He thought I was holding out on him when I had the album Bad and he didn't.

Oldest son is calling it "The Summer of Michael Jackson".

They were so proud of the kabobs they made too. They rolled up Virginia ham around pineapple and melon and grilled them. There was one left, it was good.

On Saturday we are doing the Cooper River free concert with Marshall Tucker and Foghat followed by the fireworks. It's great since it is the county next to us. I feel like we are getting away with something. It's always a good time. Pictures to follow of course.

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