Sunday, July 19, 2009


It was a rough week with a couple of sleepless nights over a confrontation with our neighbors over our dogs.

We knew of a problem a few years ago when when we left them and my brothers dog alone in the house with the windows open for a night. They barked non-stop until we got home. We had complaints and someone called the homeowners association who came by for a "random inspection".

I really don't blame them, it was a bad situation but one we considered a unique event.

Then this week we learned of a letter being solicited for signature. One neighbor wouldn't sign it but volunteered to air the others complaints to us. I was presented with the unsigned letter and a handy stack of all the laws pertaining to dogs for our township.

I'm not going to publish the letter nor go into details. It was harsh. I took it as threatening. It was inflammatory and over the top. It was a breech in protocol, like a "double dog dare you" with no "I dare you" preceding it.

After simmering for a few days and cooling off, I did take some time to talk to people about what was going on and they had similar stories that went like "We, it's not me you know but X did say to me that he had trouble". I took this a sign that people did have a chronic problem and now we are working towards fixing the problem.

Our relationship with some of the neighbors may never be the same, but we are fixing the barking problem.

Either way this adds tension to my home. The measures taken with the dogs is borderline cruel and they have no idea what is going on (I didn't show them the letter). Policing the dogs has become a full time effort that the boys may or may not have an interest in. Heck, if asked, they may have even signed the letter. Tension.

I think this is going to have a some what happy ending since we are taking measures but it still may have lasting effects. We'll see.

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hung/over/celebrity said...

i wouldnt have signed it!
i dont like what is being done to the dogs.
might start a "free shadow group on facebook" kinda like they do to political prisoners