Sunday, June 14, 2009

More CFL madness, Jimmy Buffett is coming.

I'm staring up at the lamp in the kitchen again. Feit electric came through with the two dimable CFL lamps about a week ago and so I put the one old one and the two new ones into the three bulb fixture.

Of course the new lamps didn't match the color temperature of the old one.

That is no longer a problem.

The old one died too. I should have seen this coming. Of course it was going to go, what ever was wrong with the first two was wrong with the last one as well. I should have just asked for three weeks ago.

So now it's back to phone on Monday to call for a new bulb.

I got a Friday night bike ride in before the deluge on Saturday. It's been a cool, rainy June. Not much pool activity but the hot tub has been jumping. I came home Friday to find youngest son and his friends in the tub. I didn't even know he knew how to use it but use it he did and even cut the valves over to keep the tub hot while filtering the pool.

JDV joined me for the ride. To get to the "connect the parks" ride you have to travel down a heavily congested two lane black road. Sometimes it has a shoulder and sometimes it does not. We actually got a horn honked at us on the "sometimes it does not" part. Not sure what the guy wanted us to do, ride on the grass?

After the ride we enjoyed the chilly pool. I've now been in twice.

I'm going to Jimmy Buffet on Thursday at the Camden River Front, formerly Sony-Blockbuster ECentre, formerly Tweeter, Susquehanna Bank Center. I haven't been to a Buffett show since 1988 when the words "battery powered blender" were magical. I remember everyone wore hawaiin shorts and had "fins" hats.

A trip to the Camden River Front, formerly Sony-Blockbuster ECentre, formerly Tweeter, Susquehanna Bank Center is always like going to a foreign country. They speak a different language and have different customs and holidays. It's like driving to Berlin in the 60's - a land locked fenced off place where different cultures can meet.

To get to the parking lots, you have to wait in line in your cars past the prison along the route. It doesn't matter which way you come from, there is a prison along the route. There you will see women making hand gestures to men in prison who are viewing them from the long narrow windows high up on the multi-story facility. There is a special sign language they share and so the women make crazy hand gestures out on the street and at first you are not sure what's going on since you only see half the conversation.

So, I'm looking forward to seeing the aging Mr Buffett. I looked over set lists and I know the shank of the set list. I may have to boned up on my Buffett, though.

That's about all that is happening here in Mount La-La for now.

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