Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Lazy Weekend.

Over the weekend Mom and Dad were over. Younger brother (he who does not want to be know on the Internet and yet has a domain) was over with his family as well. Pretty uneventful until their dog cut his paw somehow. We ended up at the 24 hour vet in Cherry Hill. He's fine.

Well, until the bandage. The girls put a bandage on him after he continued to bleed everywhere later.

Mom and Dad went home Saturday night and young brother and his family stayed over night. It was campfires, smores and hanging out that night. We enjoyed the fridge in the shed. Need a cold drink? Head to the shed. I nearly slept out there.

We spent a very lazy Sunday by the pool. The biggest effort was when we went out for Cheesesteaks. The entire day was spent laying on cushions or floating in the pool. I did not cut the grass. I didn't care either. Well, I did, but ignored the temptation to cut it. There was more shed action for cool drinks.

This morning there was a huge thunderstorm and somehow I elected not to walk from the PATCO underground to the office because that would have been way too smart. I was soaked from the knees down. I had to take off my shoes and hang in my office while they dried on the AC vent.

Outside, it was like night at 8 AM and somehow I did not take pictures.

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