Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I've been watching the protests around the elections in Iran on twitter under the hash tag "#IranElections". I first started watching when the traditional media was reporting that twitter was being used by protesters to get the word out of Iran because it was a clandestine method for getting information of the country.

There were a lot of tweets but honestly, I had a hard time making sense out them. They were a lot of retweets, all by people outside Iran. People were simply repeating whatever they heard.

I changed my status to:

There were two guys in a boat, tweet and re-tweet, tweet jumps out. Who's left? Re-tweet. There were two guys in a boat....

I honestly thought this was crazy. How do you, sitting in Iowa, have any idea if the guy you are retweeting is really in Iran, really a protester or not just a crazy person?

You don't.

There were a lot of other crazy things going on too. People thought the Iranian authorities were isolation twitter users by location and time zone so everyone was setting their location and time zone to Tehran.

They were also changing their pictures to have a green tint and were encouraging major news outlets to change their web pages to use green as the primary color. Green was the color chosen by the protesters to identify themselves.

The BBC actually did. People are still trying to get google and yahoo to do it.

unfufu RT: @oli2be Ask Google to change Google logo for one day #iranelection #google

I spent two days looking for something, only to realize I was looking at something.

The volume of people doing this is the real story. I'm not sure there is any real truth here but room of ranting maniacs repeating what ever they heard.

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