Monday, June 01, 2009

If you are in row 14 of section 329 in Giants Stadium on 1 Oct, You have my seats.

Why do Internet ticket sales always happen at work? Last time it was the Phillies

I got a call from Gail at work asking if I was going to be getting tickets to the last Springsteen shows at Giants Stadium. Tickets were going on sale at 10 and it was about 10 of. I told her I had work to do and I couldn't.

Then I thought it about and thought I do both, I'd just log on and see if I could get tickets and if I got lucky, then I got tickets.

Tickermaster must have changed how they distribute the tickets because after logging in, selecting 4 tickets for Fridays show and entering those stupid captcha things, it said I was in line and that if hit "back" or refresh I would loose my place in line. The Web page said I had a 15 minute wait.

Then it went up to 16. Then it went back to 15. Then 16 again.

I started to do some emails and generally get things done. I had a conference call at 10:30.

I checked back a few times but the stupid thing always said 15 minutes and at 10:30 I got on my call. It was a short call and I swore that I checked the Ticketmaster page a couple of times.

After the call I saw I had four tickets in section 329, row 14.

And that a little timer in the corner read 00:00.

I had performed the Internet equivalent of waiting in a long line, getting to the front and then standing there like a moron ignoring the sales clerk. (Sir! Can I help you?)

I had four tickets and lost them. So much for doing two things at once.

I called Gail. She struck out too, mostly likely because she had requested 8 tickets.

I gave up and went back to work and at about 11 AM, still pissed about the 4 tickets I had on Friday when Gail called me back. She had 4 for Wednesdays show.

Back to Ticketmaster. I log on and select 4 tickets for Wednesday, enter the stupid captcha phrase and the timer starts again. 15 minutes, 16 minutes. 15 minutes.

I check back in a bit. It's 10 minutes now. I wait a little longer and it reads 6 minutes and it's moving fast. It's down to 2 minutes.

Now I'm stuck watching it. I have to, I'm fully invested at this point.

Bingo - 4 tickets for Wednesday.

And a two minute timer that's counting down. 1:59, 1:58 ......

I select the tickets and am given a fresh new timer of 5 minutes to enter credit card info. I figure no sweat, I'm in now. I'll just enter my credit card info and I'll have 4 tickets.

I open my wallet and find an empty spot where the Platinum card usually sits. I recall my wife used it for something on the Internet and I never took it back. OK, I still have my debit/check card and that works.

I start to fill out the three hundred pieces of information that Ticketmaster requires I get to the double secret security number on the back of the card, flip the card over and discover it is blank.

I have no security code.

Then I recall that this was the card I had replaced at the bank instead of sending away and waiting two weeks. They replaced it on the spot, but about week later a recalled seeing that the little box on the back was blank instead of having three digits in it.

I try forcing it in anyway and fill out the rest of the stupid page.

No-go. They want ALL the information.

The Timer in the corner now reads 3:30, 3:29.....

There is only one thing to do. Call my wife.

Now I have a problem. She has no idea that Gail and I are doing this and I have precious little time left. She is not going to be happy about spending three hundred bucks on tickets. Again.

I call. She answers. We have the following conversation:

Me: GivemethenumberforthePlatinumcard. NOW!
Her: What? What for? I told you that was in my wallet and you could get it anytime.
Me: Just get me the number. Please. Now!
Her: What for?
Me: Springsteen tickets.
The clock reads 3:10
Her: What? We just went to Springsteen.
Me: Justgivemethenumbers I'm on a timer here.
Her: You don't even know how much the Jimmy Buffet Tickets are yet.
Me: Can I have the numbers please?
Her: 4035.......
Me: And the security code
Her: 999.

I fill in the form again while she works it in the background.

Her: I can't do Bruce more than once a year. I can't go back.
Me: You don't have to go. What's the expiration date?
Her: 10/2012

I press submit.

I am the owner of 4 tickets to the30th of Sept show at Giants Stadium. One of the last there.

I figure I can always unload them if I have to. They are like printing money around here.

The week of apologizing continued after work when I got home. I was told "that's OK that is your Fathers day gift".

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