Thursday, June 04, 2009

Final WWOOF update.

So here are the returning WWOOFers at JFK. For those of you that had "passport" in the "what would Oldest Son lose on the trip" contest. You win.

Actually you came the closest.

He was filling out his paper work for customs and of course needed his passport number and left his passport out on the tray when they came a collected the trash.

And the passport went with all the trash.

He had to enlist the help of the crew to search through the trash and retrieve the passport.

The total in and out time for me at JFK was less than two hours. I only made one wrong turn on the way out and it was minor, not bad for a rainy Thursday on in Queens.

He was a captive audience so I got to hear first hand all about the trip and fill in the details in more that in 140 character clips. The farm was great, food was unbelievable and the people that worked there were nice.

The had a great time. He met some great people, went "couch surfing" only once in Bologna, went to Venice twice, once all by himself.

He picked up the local dialect pretty well and discovered that Italians want to practice their English more than speak Italian with him. Some of the people were surprised to learn he wasn't Italian.

Overall, I'm impressed. He worked hard, saw a lot and it was all unstructured time. He took a ton of pictures too.

Now it back to reality. He needs a job to replenish his travel fund.

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