Saturday, June 20, 2009

Buffett 2009

It's been a busy couple of days.

Thursday was the Jimmy Buffett concert. I hadn't been in over twenty years and it hasn't changed much. Well maybe the 40 year old guys in grass skirts are now 60 year old guys in grass skirts. I put together a Goodwill/Pirate Hat found in car ensemble. I bought a $4 polyester Hawaiian shirt at the Goodwill which my in-house fashion consult strongly suggested I not wear the plaid shorts I had on with. The Pirate hat which drew the whole thing together was found in the car from picking Oldest Son up from college back in May.

The Pirate hat was a hit.

We sat on the lawn of course. Well I wouldn't say sat. We staked out a piece of real estate with a tarp and then stood in front of it for 3 hours.

A Jimmy Buffett show isn't about the music, that's for sure. He could be up there doing Irish step dancing or playing Mummers music and most of the folks around us wouldn't have noticed or cared. It's as if Buffett has built this annual party that people just show up at. He could have actually passed away sometime in 1997 and they could keep throwing these things.

The Lawn had a very high intoxicated person per square foot ratio. I'd guess almost one to one. Highlights included this guy:

IMG_1201:Jimmy Buffett
5! 5 Dollar. 5 Dollar Foot Long

Who had a much better Pirate ensemble than I did. He would run through the crowd and pose like he is above and then run off. Very strange.

Then there was the young girl we adopted. She was like a lost little lamb out wandering the lawn looking for her group. She knew they were in "G5" which is good, it's a start. You can see the 5 above the Pirate's right hand above. She was close. She had no cell phone, no numbers, no idea where she was.

So we friended her on face book and took her picture.

Later we found out she found her group on the way out.

We got home around 11:30 and were in bed by 12 after checking on Oldest son who went to NY City for a concert with Girlfriend. He was in Penn Station taking the train back to Seton Hall and driving from there.

As tired as I was, I had hard time sleeping so I leaped from the bed when the phone rang at 1:30. I am now in every parents nightmare. The phone call in the middle of the night. The Caller ID showed his cell number.

He said he was alright but he had swiped the side of the car. Who cares about the car. It's 12 years old and on it's last legs. Are you OK? Is Girlfriend OK? yes and yes.

It turns out he was very fortunate. A truck came around to pass him and he thought it was too close so he swerved out the way and ended up just kissing the guardrail on the NJ Turnpike.

Now I really couldn't sleep.

I ended up staying up until he got home at 3.

When I woke at 6 and headed out for work, I had a back in college, "what the hell did I do to my car last night moment" when I came out. Then it all came back to me.

I opened the drivers door and it came 1/2 open as metal ground on metal and I squeezed in. It seems Oldest Son and I have different definition of "alright".

While I went to work for my 9 hour day, my wife did a double from 8 AM to Midnight. Tough going.

Today is the Medford Relay for Life and an another all nighter and Sunday is Father's day back in PA. It's going to a busy couple of days.

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