Monday, May 25, 2009

WWOOF update Memorial Day.

The last thing heard from the WWOOFer was "Captured a cow, tomorow we slaughter. No really" yesterday on Twitter. This learning what he is doing via 140 characters or less isn't cutting it. My wife reads the crypict messages and then asks to decifer them somehow as if I have secret power of some kind.

The "tweets" could be anything really, messages to Al-Qaeda or the french resistance. Here the "Cow" represents the USA and slaughter means.... Well it's not good.

It's been two weeks tomorrow. We know that he spent some time with Pat's relatives on Saturday because we heard this from Pat's mom. She calls us when she gets an update. I have not spoken to him since the Friday before last even though I did ask him to call.

He did make an International phone call to his younger brother to find out if their soccer league is starting up or not. You know, the really important stuff.

So far I am still picking him up on the 4th of June so I guess we'll hear something, right?

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