Friday, May 15, 2009

WWOOF update - cleaning up after the pigs. Day 3.

I finally got to talk to Oldest Son on the phone after his latest tweet came in. (That is really amazing BTW, I dialed 7 digits to a local number and he got the call 1/4 of the way around the world). We spoke about 12 minutes. To my wife: that's about $11.88 and the return on our $5.99 investment into the "World Traveler Plan" on the cell phone kicks in after 20 minutes of use for the month.

He is doing well but sounded tired. Today's work was cleaning out the pig yard in the morning and then helping to make food and sandwiches for tomorrow. They expect 300 people at the farm tomorrow - it wasn't clear to him what for, he just does as they tell him.

He has worked about 20 hours and it's been tiring He said "they have so much more energy then I do" He wants to do more but physically can't.

There are three other WWOOFers there. A local young man and couple in their 20's from Chile. The couple is hiking and biking around Europe and working the farms in between.

Yesterday they took bicycles about 20 minutes into Montegnana and got on the Internet. Internet is spotty at best even in town. There is a train station in Montegnana. He hasn't taken that many pictures around the farm.

The food is great, accommodations are beautiful and he has access to a washing machine. His boots are fine and has yet to use the gloves.

They get Monday and Tuesday off and are going to Venice.

He is sleeping well.

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