Tuesday, May 26, 2009

WWOOF is winding down

The WWOOFer called today at 4. He called the house phone so his younger brother was the only one that heard from him. Again. I guess he has his days mixed up? I don't know. I did tell him to call the house, I just thought it would occur when we were all there yesterday.

His brother says he sounds very tired every time he talks to him.

He only has two more days of work left and only one of them is going to be hard work because of the rain.

No word on the cow.

Here in Mount La-La, it's raining lightly and cool. I'm sitting out in the shed with the over head light on listening to the birds. I've turned off the filter to the pool. It was noisy.

The shed got a good clean up on Saturday thanks to me,John D and my wife. Now there is actually room to walk around in the shed. I even put up shades on the windows facing the neighbors. The shades were found during the clean up, put in the trash and then rescued.

It's very peaceful out here. Away from the TV and stereo and the dogs. Well I'm sort of away from the dogs, they followed me out here but I didn't let them in my clubhouse/shed.

Thanks to Oldest son's dorm fridge, I even have cold drinks out here now.

It's sort of like a mini camping trip, coming out here.

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