Tuesday, May 12, 2009

WWOOF has begun.

Today Oldest son left for Italy on the WWOOF adventure.

He and his friend Pat have been hanging out here for a week or so since school ended, just waiting for the trip to start. They fly into Milan and the take a train over to Padua to Scuola Fattoria

They are staying there for two weeks, at least that was plan I was told. We'll see how that goes once they have to work every day. They packed very light, no checked baggage. I can't even imagine how bad they are going to smell on the way back.

So the week leading up to the trip had its share of drama. The other party, the one that he was originally going with, had a slight problem. It was a strictly platonic boy-girl team and the girl failed to show for the flight. The boy went anyway. By himself. He ended up in Berlin alone alone for a few days and she allegedly caught up with him today. He doesn't even speak German.

It's good to know there are parents crazier than me. That's what you want, a sense of you are not the worst parent for allowing your 18 YO son to go to Italy on some half thought out adventure.

At least Oldest son speaks Italian.

On Sunday I finally sat them down and wrote out details. Where are you going, what's the number, how long. Crap you would ask if they were sleeping over Bobbies for the night and yet I still didn't know.

He has money. Pat does not. I see many Euros flowing Pat's way. Ohh, and I know this is going to cost me money somehow.

I'm thinking it's going to be with the Cell Phone. Pat forgot his charger so his phone is close to dead already. Nothing like starting out behind.

I opted for the $0.99 a minute plan for his cell and outbound texts cost 50 cents for up to 160 characters. Twitter. Twitter is going to cost me. That's where the real money is. You can follow him here.

So this morning I helped him pack, took his picture (telling him it was for "have you seen these boys") and sent him on his way.

I also told them that if the owner has a daughter and you two pretend to be salesmen, this is is starting to sound like every farmers daughter/Salesmen joke I've ever heard.

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