Saturday, May 09, 2009

I ain't gonna work on Maggie's farm no more.

The past two days have been dry in the afternoon and I finally got the grass at cut. It took two nights and I have 8 bags of grass clippings along with a lawn that looks more like a sheared sheep rather than had a nice trimming with the mower but it's at least able to dry out some.

I don't think I've ever harvested 8 bags of clippings from the organic grass clipping farm that surrounds my home. Ohh and the future WOOFers were no where to be found.

2.5 Inches of rain in 8 days. It just seemed like it was constantly raining and the grass grew and grew and grew. It had to be over a foot tall. I swore I could hear it growing.

My neighbors aren't happy with me either because of the pool. See I really didn't know this until the pool was going in but the best construction practice is to raise the pool up about 18 inches and build a dome of earth around it so that water runs away from the pool instead of in it. This makes sense from the pool maintenance stand point, you don't want muddy water running into the pool and filters. This also means that here in the flats of Jersey that water does not pool up on my property any longer.

All that water has to go somewhere.

The earth here is marl. It's a clay like substance that water does not permeate. On top of the marl, is top soil and grass and once that layer fills with water, it has no where to go and it pools up. I looked over the fence and saw that the folks around me all have pools too except theirs are grassy and muddy and are preventing them from cutting the grass.

My one neighbor was sort of mentioning it. She didn't come close to saying it's because of your pool but I was getting the hint. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do about it though. Take out the pool? Pumps?

All this standing water has also brought mosquitoes. After dark, they are everywhere, buzzing in your ear, hovering near your skin and biting.

The WOOFers are leaving on Tuesday. I have no idea how prepared they are except I don't think they have a way to JFK yet.

I'm sure there will more to follow on this.

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