Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Feit of Magic

A quick update on the ongoing CFL saga:

On Monday I called Feit Electric since their name was stamped on the side of the bulb base. I had minimal expectations since I had no receipt and no original packaging.

I simply went to the "contacts" page, found an 800 number and dialed it. I must have got their front desk since an actual person answered. (How about that, no press 1 for English). I started to blert out "I am a consumer blah blah blah," when the receptionist said "Oh you want custmer service"

I was floored. And it only got better.

Another person answered (right away I might add) and asked for the numbers printed on the base of the bulb. I read them off and he said "Ok Thanks"

I thought here we go, wada-mean OK thanks.

I said "that's it?"

He said "you should have two new blubs in 2-3 weeks."

I was stunned.

Come on Don't you want to haggle? You ask if I have a receipt, I call you crazy, that sort of stuff? Come on.


I still am not getting my hopes up. I'll post if and when they come in.

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