Monday, May 11, 2009

And now for something completly different.

I'm in a training class this week and it is unusual for two reasons.

1. It's a Microsoft Active Directory class.

2. It's close enough so that I can ride my Bicycle.

I'm more of command line UNIX guy when it comes to all things IT. I haven't exactly been the biggest fan of all things Borg. The AD class is bit of a departure. It's going well. It is a remote class so there isn't a class room per se, just a polycomm and two monitors. One has the instructors desktop and his PowerPoint presentation and the other is your lab workstation with virtual AD controllers.

I'm lost in the land of Northwind Traders, the fictitious Microsoft AD domain, by myself in a single office. There are two other students but they are be themselves as well.

Today I rode my bike for two reasons: Oldest son needed the car and I needed the exercise. The training center is three miles away so it isn't exactly the Tour de France but after two round trips (I came home for lunch, partially defeating the whole healthy thing), I am feeling it.

It's not exactly a nice ride either. Half the trip is on Church road, a county highway with no shoulder. Cars rush by and you can almost feel how annoyed drivers are that you, a bicyclist are taking an extra 18 inches out of "their" lane.

That's not the worst part, though. The worst part is where Church road goes under the Jersey Turnpike. There in the dark, the impossibly narrow shoulder disappears.

Tomorrow I may just bring my lunch in order to cut down on the trips. Doing the round trip twice was a little much for the first day.

I may just take the car.

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