Friday, May 22, 2009

Alone time.

Got home to an empty house so I took the bicycle out for ride. I went on a ride I am now christening "connect the parks". My home town Mount La-La has a secret treasure trove of parks.

Until recently I had no idea they were even there. The state provided funds for townships like ours to purchase "green spaces" and the township went a little nuts with it. Some are tiny - 7 acres but others were as large as 88 acres.

In the larger ones they have built secret trails and they have to be a secret since I am usually one of the few people on them. Today, a beautiful spring/summer day, I saw 1 jogger, 1 walker and a group of three men.

It was a good ride of about 10 miles.

Came back and hung up the bike and took a ice cold Ginger-Ale out of my new shed-fridge. Oldest Son came home and we had to do something with the dorm fridge, right? That baby came right out of the car and was wheeled directly into the shed and plugged in.

I had a quick shower and then a very light dinner on the deck.

Now it's off to watch the Phils on TV.

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