Sunday, April 26, 2009

WWOOF Update

Oldest son has purchased airline tickets so the WWOOF thing is on. We know this since we get our details from facebook.

In Italian.

According to babelfish, he is flying into Milan on the 12th of May and staying 19 days (19 giorni!).

Where he is actually going is anyone's guess. It changes. A lot. I think he is still going with his friend Pat.

One day it's this farm, the next day it's a new farm. Details, details, details. Oh to be 18 again.

The plan is to spend two weeks on the WWOOF farm and the rest of the time "touring". We'll see since they have very little money. I really hope they have a good time but I am concerned that they have no idea what they are getting into.

Here is an example farm. It's now an example since it was the farm they were going to on Wednesday and now they are not. Now are going to a farm in somewhere called Padue. At least they were yesterday.

Either way here are some handy phrases that they might want to learn:

Le mie mani hanno callouses. - My hands have callouses.

Dovrei portare i guanti come il mio padre suggerito - I should have brought gloves like my father suggested.

Il mio dio, questo sole รจ caldo. - My God, this sun is hot.

Devo fare che cosa con le pecore? - I have to what with the sheep?

As for me, I am making contingencies like clearing my calendar for May 15th-20th. Should I just get tickets to Milan now and save some money? Where is my passport?

I also prepared his phone for international use. We should also know how to transfer into his account or bury money somewhere on the farm.

History seems to indicate that this going to cost me money. This only difference that this time it will be it will be in Euros.

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