Monday, April 13, 2009

Searching for Doughboy Part II

This morning I saw the Red Toyota in spot "J" at the townhouses and decided to go knock on the door again. I took two steps off the porch and decided that I better have a note handy to leave on the car in case no one answered again so I went back inside to write:

"Hello I'm looking for John XXX XXXXXXX of 30 XXXXXXXXX I'm an old friend. if you know of his where abouts please contact me

On a piece of old computer paper.

Thinking that the note might be there a while I put in the plastic wrapper the newspaper came in this morning and headed back over to the red Toyota.

As I got two steps off the porch again, I looked up and noticed that the Red Toyota was on the move. It was stopped and making a left onto the cross street.

I didn't have my glasses so I was squinting and trying to see. There was one person in the car but I couldn't make out who it was and they drove off. I'm thinking now that the weather proofing was a mistake that delayed me.

I went and knocked on the door anyway and again no answer, so I left my weather proofed note tied to the door.

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