Sunday, April 19, 2009

Green grass and high tides and sipping beer

Spring is finally here and yesterday I spent the shank of the day hacking at the knee high lawn. Why oh why do I fertilize this stuff? I cut it on the highest setting and still had to empty the bag every three strips. I never got to the trimming so it doesn't look that great but it is a rich green carpet this year.

I like the lawn in April. It's around July I get tired of it because I refuse to water it. Sorry. If God meant for you to be green in July.....

When the grass is that tall it makes the backyard a dog poop adventure. You try to scoop it up first but there is always something lurking behind that one tall really green spot, especially with two of them working that sales territory. I spent the better part of the afternoon with my head down looking for surprises to appear from under the back of the moving lawnmower and then stepping sideways.

It wasn't that hot, in fact it was a pleasant 78, but I spent the rest of that day and night in a near constant search for water. I might be a wee bit out of shape.

I was interrupted mid lawn cut by DB who needed some help moving furniture. Its great that I was that close by. I'm not sure why but the whole time I had the following old adage stuck in my head.

"A friend is someone that helps you move but a real friend is someone that helps you move a body".

DB and I aren't at the body moving stage at this point but we are working towards it

The weekly food shopping trip went ahead of schedule in the afternoon as the place was a ghost town. A really warm Saturday with the forecast of a cloudy Sunday will do that.

The day was capped off with tickets to the Phillies. Mr C and DB went with my wife and I.

It turned out serendipitous that Mr C was there at all.

His boys were going to the game for the oldest boys girlfriends birthday. Mr C went over to the far side of the park to visit the boys early on in the game and then came back to enjoy the perfect spring evening with us.

In about the 7th inning Mr C abruptly got up and said something about heading back over there. We just thought he was going for another visit.

It turns out that his youngest got kicked out for sipping a beer. He's 16 and was in line to buy, ah, beverages, with the girlfriends 21-year-old sibling. When the 21 YO bought the beer, Mr C's youngest jokingly took a sip of the beer while still inline.

He obviously did not see the man in the blue uniform standing right behind him.

Pretty soon I got a text saying that Mr C's youngest had been ejected. What he failed to mention was that Mr C had to go with him since he was a minor. The alternative was that boy go to a juvie detention holding spot.

Phillies or the boy. Phillies or the boy. Come on, he had to think about it. At least make him sweat it out.

Mr C missed the exciting 8th and 9th innings where the Phils folded like a cheap card table but it sounds like he would been headed to the game even if I didn't have tickets.


james said...

I enjoy reading the view of YOUR world. Are you and Vacc going to meet up?? I'm heading to the Phillies on thurs afternoon....jim

suburbanstories said...

Ya that's him in picture. I see him all the time these days. All of his daughters friends are across the street.