Saturday, March 28, 2009

March Madness

I'm in three NCAA brackets this year. It's become an annual event and now people start hounding me in early March for the one I run for "fun" with friends and family.

By "fun" I mean no money is involved. I'm in a similar one with the guys at work. I chose very carefully in this one researching and comparing results for the teams then I went to great lengths to make sure these two were the same choices. I am sucking greatly in both these two pools - but they are the same. In my pool, I'm in fifth and moving up and the other I'm in the middle of the pack.

Then there is the one my brother invited me into. It is not for "fun". I was checking it out and because I am in bracket on the same site for one of the other pools, it automatically submitted my name. I didn't even know the site did it until my brother sent me an email telling me how fun it was going to be.

So I submitted a bracket.

And now I'm in second with eight teams left.

I have no idea what I picked and why. It does not match my carefully selected picks in the other two brackets which explains my current position.

Every time I look at the site, I think it's kind of like having Alzheimer's. I find myself saying "did I pick that"? I'm pleasantly shocked every time I check the site.

It's like hiding your own Easter eggs.

When I first joined the bracket, the only other contestants I knew were my brother and his wife. I figured I better make my presence known and so I started trash talking the guy that ran the pool. I attacked his ivy league school that was in the tourney and had little chance of moving on.

I figured it was like prison - pick a fight with the largest guy you find on the first day to show how tough you are.

When he wrote back a rather witty reply, I froze up like George Costanza, thinking of reply like "oh yeah, the ocean called and they want all their shrimp back", only too late.

Now I just let my "picks" do the talking.

In the pool I run, I can't help but gather data. I wrote a stupid perl script that screen scrapes the standings all during the Tourney so we can go back and see who was leading when in snapshots. Sorry, this what I do.

So here's to Louisville winning it all and final four of OK, Pitt and Uconn.

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