Monday, March 23, 2009

I have become Vundu, destroyer of laptops.

I finally have a usable laptop again. Last week I accidentally picked up a piece of malware that was a nasty bugger to get rid of. I spent a good deal of time on Friday and Saturday trying to get the thing removed. My antivirus found the remnants but was unable to remove the spyware. I tried at least 5 different freebie removers until finally today I got the thing off my laptop.

It was a pop up generator that worked with both Internet Explorer and Firefox and it was kind of interesting in that it targeted the pop ups to what ever I happened to be surfing. If it was a car site then I would get pop ups about buying a car. It was really kind of frightening how acurate the ads were.

It made me wonder if anyone actually ever follow the pop up ads that are killing their machine. I mean some one has to otherwise why would they go through all that trouble.

Anyway by this morning my machine was useless with the disk drive light on constantly. It turns out it was my antivirus at work. The malware was trying something that the antivirus didn;t like and so it was preventing the action and writing an xml record for every-single-attempt.

There were thousands of them. I felt like scotty in engineering - "I can't keep up with 'em cap'n"

Finally Malwarebyte's Antimalware free program got the Vundu!grb off the laptop.

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