Sunday, March 01, 2009

February odds and ends

This week marked Youngest sons 16th birthday and in New Jersey that means only thing. Another year until he can drive. Oh sure he can start with his permit this year after taking a state mandated "on the road" driving course, but he won't be able to take his test until his 17th birthday.

His birthday was a low key affair since we thought he would be at an event with the German club: a fasching party marking the last day before of Lent. Fasching ended early and so he was home unexpectedly.

I made him cupcakes. Vanilla with Vanilla icing. By request.

His mother and I sang him happy birthday while he blew out one candle on a cupcake. It was a little strange only having two voices singing the familiar tune, but it worked. We are used to at least three people singing.

Meanwhile, I spent the week making packaging which would safely transport a Vanilla cupcake with Vanilla icing to work as part of my lunch. It was like one of those engineering contest where students have to build a device that will safely deliver a raw egg off a 3 story building. It's not trivial and let's just say lunch usually ended with me licking icing off something.

This week Youngest Son also relayed a sad story from school. A student committed suicide over last weekend. His younger brother is Youngest Son's German class. Youngest son seemed level headed about it saying it was a stupid thing to do and the school sent the obligatory pre-recorded phone call around to all students homes that Monday night. It did not mention suicide.

Really just sad. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family that has to pick up the pieces from here.

Was it my imagination or was February snow-free? We have a touch of white on the grass and trees this morning and we are expecting the largest snowfall of the year for tomorrow morning. We were laughing last night watching the news as the last hour of February ticked away and a snowstorm was creeping up from the south.

It was as if it were waiting for midnight to move in to the Philly area.

We are expecting 6-10 inches for tomorrow.

In other news, I am addicted to

It has hilarious things like this list of road signs and this

Yeah, I don't know. If I'm going back in time with some stranger, I want to make sure they have done at least twice before and I want some money up front. To buy weapons.

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