Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stuck in hell.

I'm sitting in a Dunkin Donuts in Cherry Hill waiting on my car to get fixed. Like I've said in the past I am just the worst with cars so here I am paying penance.

I need a muffler. I've needed a muffler since sometime in 2008. To be fair it was late in 08 but still, I've been driving around with a bad muffler for a long time. I did take it to my regular mechanic back in December and he said I didn't need a muffler. I think he might be deaf.

My penance involves listening to Headline News with the same 4 stories every 10 minutes.

1. Plan crash in buffalo. Their new twist on the story: Some lady got out of line for the flight to get something to eat. She lived.

2. A drunk couple waked into a police station asking for a ride. He had weed in his shoe. It's really a sweet Valentines day "how I met your mother story".

3. It was windy in Minneapolis. Wind blew the roof off a school.

4. The Congress passed the stimulus. Obama flew a senator back from his Mother's wake to make the vote.

Over and Over and Over again.

At least I have my laptop.

My other observation is that Dunkin Donuts is a happen' place. The traffic is constant. Sometimes the line is 6 deep. All for coffee and donuts.

There is no recession at Dunkin Donuts.

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