Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Family that IMs together....

This semester Oldest son is coming home more frequently than he did in the first semester. I'm thinking the frequent trips are due to his girlfriend taking an internship here in Philly. His is a generation of unplanners. They honestly have no idea what their plans are until hours before they dream them up and then they text, facebook and call each other like crazy to force their will upon time.

It's like that when he comes home or goes back to school.

Yesterday I got a text at 3 PM asking if I could pick him up at 7 at the Hamilton train station and then in a rare occurrence of near planning, drive him back Saturday afternoon.

Last week I made amazing time up to Seton Hall when I drove up during the greatest Superbowl of all time. Honestly, because Eagles weren't in it and should have been, I wasn't that interested.

He seems to be doing well this semester and has completely lucked out on his dorm arrangements. At the end of last semester both his room mates decided to move over to the crazier of the two freshmen dorms and this left two vacancies in his triple. The vacancies remain today.

I'm confident the room is just as messy as it was when there were three of them.

Youngest son continues with his High School education and thinks that every weekend is an opportunity to sleep over at a friends. We text each other a lot.

Where r u?
When r u coming home?
Can I stay?

etc etc.

He also purchased a wireless keyboard and mouse for the PC in his room. He can now operate the PC, TV, Xbox360 and Wii without leaving the bed when he is home.

Throw in a pair of silk pajamas and I think he would have the Hugh Hefner lifestyle complete.

In January my wife lost all her hours at CT scan as a per-diem employee and is now grabbing hours when she can. There are some nights she's working 4-11 PM instead of the nice cushy day hours she had previously. Thank goodness for Facebook so that we can continue to have a deep and personal relationship along with 137 "friends".

They say that losing the hours was due to budget cutbacks. I just can't understand people cutting back on having a CT scan though. "You know, I bumped my head at home but things are tight so I'll just hope everything is OK because I can't afford the dedicutable" - just doesn't make sense to me.

I have to go now to IM my wife on Facebook and tell her the laundry is done.

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