Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Day.

Yesterday was a snow day for youngest son. Well, technically a slush a day since it really the snow was rained on most of the day. It was our first of the year which is a little unusual for a winter in the Philly area.

Youngest son learned of the snow day because our local cable channel has a dedicated cable channel for snow days.

That's right. A channel dedicated to telling you that your school and the closest schools around you are on or off for a snow day. I love this country. Not only is there a cable channel but there are email alerts. I'm not sure how they got my address but I got an email saying that today was a snow day.

We even got a call from oldest son's college. Classes there were opening two hours late.

If we would have looked on the Internet would could gotten the same information - school was closed.

This is a little different then when I was in school.

First, the only medium was radio. You had to listen to KYW for school closings. When I first started school the announcer would call out each school district by name over the radio. We lived in Drexel Hill and I would be listening over and over for "Upper Darby school district" in the endless list of schools.

It would take hours.

I remember when they went to the school number system. I tried find out exactly when the numbering system started but so far have been unsuccessful. I had to be in the mid 1960s. I remember listening as the announcer droned through number after number as I listened for my special 3 digit number.

I would get mesmerized by the lists of numbers and nearly miss it when they would call number close to ours.

The worst would be if the announcer skipped over ours. You wouldn't be sure if you had missed it or not and would wait until the next half hour to listening again.

It took a trained ear to listen as the announcer read number after number.

Maybe someday they'll invent some new way of notifying kids of a snow day that doesn't even involve waking up. Wouldn't that be great.


Krissy said...

Do you remember the 3 digit number for Marple Newtown?

This is a test.

suburbanstories said...

I want to say 454