Sunday, January 18, 2009

Parade Watch: Serendipitous Superbowl?

When the Philadelphia Phillies played in the world series this October there was a tipping point where you felt as if they really, really could reach for the brass ring.

That moment was Game 2 against the brewers with Bret Meyers at bat.

Meyers, their former pitching Ace, is a horrible hitter. Just his antics with a bat in hand make you laugh out loud. I think at that point he had like 2 hits all year but yet here he was taking ball after ball on CC Sabathia, upping the pitch count and frustrating the soon to be $161 million dollar man. The crowd slowly got behind Meyers as foul after foul and ball after ball and Meyers hung in there. First there were a few towels circling. Then there were more. Finally, when he got the walk and reached first the whole place was cheering and waving towels.

It was unexpected and when it was done, I was a believer.

That's kind of like the current Eagles run. Completely unexpected. I don't think there has been a Bret Meyers like tipping point, the win over the Giants was huge, stopping Adrian Peterson was big but they weren't other worldly like events like the Meyers at bat. If there was such a moment it went by fast. It may have been David Akers stopping the opening kick off from being a TD or Correll Buckhalter making up a play for a huge first down pick up. In football those sort of things tend to pass very very quickly.

But here we are, at the Championship game again.

Very unexpected.

I've been hearing this "fifth championship appearance in 8 years" stat all of a sudden. Back in November, no one was saying that. That little stat only popped up minutes after McNabb picked up a telephone on the Giants sideline in the waning moments of the divisional win.

I honestly think they can and will win this today because, like the Phillies, this a team. Beside, no one wants to see Andy Reid in gigantic Hawaiian shirt coaching the NFC Pro bowl team ever again and the unexpected makes you play a little looser.

Ohh, they still may have their game 5 in 40 degree horizontal rain ahead of them, but I think destiny is on their side this time.

Go Eagles.

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