Wednesday, January 07, 2009


So my sister sends me an email and it's a classic Bill Gates is sending you money for forwarding this email to all your friends scam and she tells everyone that I will probably say that it is scam.

She sent it anyway.

It came with a subject of:


I am not making this up.

I replied with a sarcastic response about "scam? no way this just has to be real!"

Here it is with some thoughts in between.

This was sent to me by my accountant... if you think this is ridiculous I have no problem giving you his contact information...

First off, this thing has been circulated so many times that I have no idea of your contact info let alone that of your accountant. I can just envision how that conversation would go as well. "Hey listen I just got this email and the person gave me your name as their accountant. So is this for real?" Hello? ..... Hello? ....

Read carefully...

Oh I will


First of all what happened to GOODMORNINGAMERICATODAYSHOW? It was a two pager in USA today and was on GOODMORNINGAMERICATODAYSHOW, whatever that is?

To all of my friends, I do not usually forward messages,

Are you kidding me, you are freaking forwarding machine. Things come in your email box and are just about automatically forwarded to every one in your address book.

But this is from my friend Pearlas Sandborn and she really is

an attorney.

Well, if it's good enough for Pearlas Sandborn, Esq. It's good enough for me. Tell me more! Doesn't sound like a name made up by the Witness Protection Program at all. Is Pearlas a man or a woman?

If she says that this will work - It will work. After all, what have

you got to lose?

It's a she. Peralas is a woman.


attorney, And I know the law.

Now you're an Attorney too? A what law on God's green earth would possibly force Bill Gates to give you money for sending emails?

This thing is for real. Rest assured

I feel better about this already.

AOL and Intel will follow through with their promises

Huh? AOL and Intel? What promise?

for fear of facing a multimillion-dollar class action suit similar to the one

filed by PepsiCo against General Electric not too long ago.

Ohh the famous Pepsi/GE Class action thing, I remember now.

OK You are clearly a poor Attorney. I believe a class action lawsuit is one where a class of people sue. Pepsi is a Company, not a class of people. And what in the wide world of sports would Pepsi possibly sue GE for? Bad Light bulbs?

Dear Friends: Please do not take this for a junk letter.

Junk Letter? Are you kidding me? I would have never thought that. Just because something has more fonts that a ransom letter doesn't make it a junk letter.

Bill Gate s s haring his fortune.

Bill Gates? WTF? What happened to AOL and Intel?

If you ignore this, You will repent


Repent? What did I do?

Microsoft and AOL are now the largest Internet companies

AOL? LOL? Yes, when I think large internet companies I think of AOL. What year is this? 1995?

and in an effort to make sure that Internet Explorer remains the

most widely used program,

OK I'll bite, what does AOL have to do with this?

Microsoft and AOL are running an e-mail

beta test

Beta Test? This is the longest running beta I've ever heard of . I got one of these in 1995.

When you forward this e-mail to friends, Microsoft can and will

track it (If you are a Microsoft Windows user) for a two week

time period.

For every person that you forward this e-mail to, Microsoft will pay

you $245.00

Ok That's kind of scary in a big brother sort of way to begin with. SO they were out there counting my emails before this some how and now because I got an email from you, suddenly I'm going to get paid for them? Well that is good news. $245? That sounds like a lot. Ka-ching.

For every person that you sent it to that forwards it on,

Microsoft will pay you $243.00

and for every third person that receives

it, You will be paid $241.00.

OK Let's do some math. Suppose I send it to ten people. That's $2,450 for me for the first round. Let's say two of the people I send it to send it to ten more. That is $2,430 times 2 for me PLUS $2,450 for each of them. That's $4900 and we only did 1 round. I figure that if that went on for two more rounds Mr Gates is out $36,470. I figure after like 100 rounds of giving away money like this and he is broke.

Within two weeks, Microsoft will contact

you for your address and then send you a check.

Why to they have to contact me, they already have access to all my private info on my PC since they HACKED IT. And wouldn't all this be easier with Pay Pal? Checks? Are you kidding me?

Regards. Charles S Bailey General Manager Field Operations

< ; BR>1-800-842-2332 Ext. 1085 or 904-1085 or RNX 292-1085

Thought this was a scam myself, But two weeks after receiving this

e-mail and forwarding it on. Microsoft contacted me for my address and

within days, I received a check for $24, 800..00.. You need to respond

before the beta testing is over. If anyone can afford this, Bill gates is the


No one can afford this. Are you kidding me?

It's all marketing expense to him.

Yeah, it's a "write off". You don't even know what a write is.

Please forward this to as many

people as possible. You are bound to get at least $10, 000.00

We're not going to help them out with their e-mail beta test without

getting a little something for our time.. My brother's girlfriend got in

on t his a few months ago. When I went to visit him for the Baylor/UT

game, she showed me her check. It was for the sum of $4,324.44 and

was stamped 'Paid In Full'.

She still had the check? If you cash a check, don't they usually keep the check? Have you ever seen PAID IN FULL on a check? Like ever? Bills and Invoices get marked paid in full. Not checks.


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Zach said...

I'm confused. Is the author a lawyer or General Manager Field Operations?

Also, how do they have checks if AFTER the beta test is over bill sends out the check. If they have the check isn't the beta test over?