Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Charles S. Bailey experiment

You may recall my response to my sister's hoax email.

Last week I took it a step further and sent the following email to all recipients from a "Charles S. Bailey":


My name is Charles S. Bailey and I am the General Manager for field operations of a well known software maker. You may have recently received an email stating that thousands of dollars could be yours for simply forwarding an email to your friends and that you would be contacted within two weeks.

I am here to tell you that THIS IS TRUE and this is that very contact message.

I have a check for at least $10,000 in your name and am ready to stamp it "PAID IN FULL"

I will forward you this check if you will send me your address to forward this check to.

You must act quickly since this Beta Test is nearly over.


Charles S Bailey General Manager Field Operations

1-800-842-2332 Ext. 1085 or 904-1085 or RNX 292-1085

The response has not been overwhelming. I got exactly one response with an address from someone actually expecting a giant check for forwarding emails. I was really expecting more.


Anonymous said...

Surely I will give you address

2504 vermillion st
hastings, mn 55033

J. Thomsen

Anonymous said...

Where is my check? I have done this several times and still no check!

suburbanstories said...

I'm sorry but if you had read carefully, you would have noted this is an email only offer.


Anonymous said...

Your HOAX still works... just received it this morning...

Peoples can be so stupid sometimes...

Anonymous said...

Why it should dispatch for this one mail money give? Who believes this, that also believes in pink clouds. Explain to me why this should function and which advertising budget should count to it.

Jennifer Harsha said...


Jennifer Harsha said...

Jennifer harsha
#254 calle J.L. Blas St. Dededo Guam 96929