Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Vacation Seige Day three - doing mommy work

You know, every one of these vacations starts out the same way - with the best of intentions. I'm going to get so much done around the house.

Well here we are two days before Christmas and we still don't have a tree. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get four active people together for an hour during the Holidays? I think that's the tipping point on the whole real vs artificial tree thing.

We you can't get together long enough to get a tree, what's the point? You might as well just drag it out of the crawl space. As long as it's green who cares? My Grandmother lived in the city and for years had one of those silver table top models. I remember thinking that those poor people in the city couldn't get a real tree and had to get one that looked like it belonged on the Jetsons. Who thought of that anyway? A silver tree?

And talk about last minute, I did all the cards in a day including one of those cheesy newsletters.

That was two trips to Kinkos right there. The first Kinkos was like a third world country. The electric door was stuck half opened on day with 0 degree F wind chills. Mental note: if you ever approach a store three days before Christmas with the door stuck open, run. Something was going on with the high speed color printer and the guy behind the counter pointed me towards PCs in the back with like cheesy color printers on them. I said thanks, but no thanks.

The second Kinkos in the afternoon was the complete opposite. There was one girl behind the counter and like 20 customers and she was keeping up. She was like blur back there.

In between was Walmart, Lunch and Target. Walmart was disaster. There had to be a nice lady on one of those electric carts in every aisle. She would smile as she blocked the entire aisle. Friendly? Yes. I still couldn't get by.

I was there for a "ship-to-store" which is always an adventure. The whole Walmart/Internet intersection is an interesting thing to behold. The nice Hispanic woman behind the counter was trying to 'splain to me that it may be here but she could find it. "I give courtesy call" in the afternoon. That would have been helpful along with that nice email that told me you did have it here so I could have stayed home - or gone to Target.

Target was the complete opposite. Aisles wider than the Mississippi, numbered all the way up to 5-9-7. No electric carts, but ironically I could have used one as I was exhausted by time I got all the way out to seasonals. It was like remote parking at an airport out there. The need signs like at the Grand Canyon "You need this much water to get to Kitchen Appliances - Don't even try it with out it because helicopter rescues are expensive"

I then spent the afternoon gather Christmas card lists. I'm not sure why but this gets harder and harder every year. I tried to organize it in 2005 and it was disaster. I still have a list that I have to mentally adjust address as I go - "No wait they moved in 06" comes up a lot.

Anyway, I made it to the post office in hand with 90% of the cards. Then it was off to pick up my wife since we are back to the three people two cars thing. Then make dinner for the boys and the hoard that had invited over. By 10 I was exhausted and passed out. I woke up at 12 to an impromptu all night D-n-D session occurring thin the room below.

I am working harder at this vacation then I ever would at work.


Anonymous said...

Hey mister don't knock the silver tree. It's my fondest childhood memory. Did your grandmother have the color wheel to shine on the tree? I bet not.


suburbanstories said...

The Color Wheel. OMG I forgot all about that contraption. It's Yellow! It's Red! It's Blue! It's Green.