Monday, November 10, 2008

Eagles Giants.

I am still pretty tired from last night's Eagles game. Mrs F went as did Mr C's son. Mrs F did not end up buying a Jersey but instead made a wise purchase of an Eagles Hoodie at the Flea Market instead.

The temperature never got below 40 but she dressed like we were out looking for Luke on Hoth. In the third quarter I cut open a Tauntaut and stuck her inside it.

There seemed to be a lot more drunks than usual too. I know this sounds like "there seemed to be a lot more mini vans in suburbs" but I guess the iggles fans had found themselves at the end of a very very long Sunday tipping a few back.

This brings me to Mr C's son. He's a Giants fan. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just not for me. Not only is a Giants fan, but he's a daredevil as well - He wore his #17 Plaxico Burress jersey.

Your father owns Eagles season tickets and of course you are a Giants fan. It makes perfect sense as you could never like anything your father likes.

Knowing that the Birds Fans had been stewing in Jack Daniels all afternoon long, I told Plax that we needed a safe word like "vacuum cleaner" in case the abuse got to be too much. That way we'd rush him to safety if he said "vacuum cleaner". If we could.

We hung out for a bit in the Phils parking lot and then it was time to head in. Now I've been here before, I know how this works. The Eagles faithful are going to point and call you A--hole, A--hole, A--hole. They are going to say bad things and it will get worse and worse until you get through security.

He kept saying "I don't see much blue".

Then we ran into this guy and his girlfriend waiting for security.

He was at least coherent. She was just sort of standing there getting mouth sweats and bumping into people. Mrs F had to defend him a few times to the angry towns people with "his my son" which none of them questioned but we never quite got to "vacuum cleaner".

Dare Devil
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He made through the gauntlet and finally found "his people". After that it was pretty tame for Eagles - Giants fan interaction. After the Eagles lost and we had to walk back to the car we did have the common sense to cover up the Plax jersey - with an Eagles coat. Ha.

I was home by 12:30.

Pictures here. Videos here.

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