Saturday, November 08, 2008

5 Days in November

Donnovan McNabb is coming up on a dangerous time: The 14th through the 19th of November.

I've charted his injuries over the years and found that they always happen during this period and always at home. Maybe this is a good week to keep him safely tucked away on the sidelines feeding him warm Campbell's Chunky Soup. Queue up Kevin Kolb because it looks like he is going to play anyway. Do you think A. J. Feeley is warning Kevin to be especially ready this time of year?

Year Week Date Opponent H/A Results
2002 11 11/17/2002 Arizona Home Broken Right Ankle.Returned for playoffs Beat Atlanta, lost to TB.
2005 10 11/14/2005 Dallas Home Sports Hernia IR
2006 11 11/19/2006 Tennesee Home ACL Right Knee IR
2007 11 11/18/2007 Miami Home Sprained Right Ankle, returned week 14 vs Giants

This occurred to me last year when I sat in the rain to watch a miserable win over the winless Dolphins by A. J. Feeley after McNabb was hurt. I thought that he always seemed to get hurt around this time of year.

It's an amazing statistical cluster.

Another bad sign: I was at two of these games. Dallas on 05 and Miami in 07.

I'm planning on going Sunday thanks to Mr C.

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