Saturday, October 25, 2008

Preparing for Game 3

  • Watching the Weather Report: Check. RRRRRggghh It changed! It was supposed to end raining before game three started. Now it is calling for Heavy rain after 9.
  • Phillies Gear: Partial Check. Big shout out to Tina for the hoodies. Now I need one of those nice lanyards for my ticket. And a hat. and maybe a nice pennant. and a blow up chair.
  • Tickets: Check. They have been safely tucked away in the house that eats things for over a week. I checked to today and miraculously they are were I left them. You have no idea how much this is supernatural.
  • TiVo: Check. But if the game is rain delayed I may miss the end.
  • Travel Plans: Check. PATCO and Septa, please.
I can't wait.

We are in the section that Ryan Howard first hit a Home Run into the third deck in Citizen's Bank park to, in the same row. On June 20 2006 Howard hit the ball an estimated 461 feet off Mike Mussina of the Yankees to section 304.

Howard hit seat 8 and it now is festooned with an "H". Can't wait to see it.

I spent the week watching the ticket prices on StubHub and telling people the story of winning the ticket lottery. I have to admit, I was thinking about selling. That's a lot of money. The tickets in that section were going for $900 each. I could have made $2,000 easily.

My wife is excited about too but I may have to bring a rule book or something. I just know its going to be a night of "but why?" I was speaking with another friend and he said bringing his wife to a game was like bringing his 7 year old. She wants ice cream in a Phillies helmet. She want cotton candy.

Either way, the city is ready too. Yesterday I caught this shot outside my office window.

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