Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Parade Watch: Philles NCLS edition.

It looks like the Phillies are within one game of heading to the world series, the Eagles are back at 500, The Redskins lost to the lowly Rams, the Giants lost to the Browns, the Cowboys lost to the Cardinals AND lost Romo for 4 weeks.

Unless Eli Manning gets an inoperable brain tumor by Thursday, I don't think you can have a better Philly sports week in mid October.

I feel like a bald kid with a terminal disease that they send to Disney Land.

Ohh and along with most of the Philadelphia Sports Fan universe, I hate Manny Ramirez. Everyone I talk to seems to say two things:

1. Boy, is he a talented ball player and he is going to the Hall of Fame.

2. Boy, I really I hate him.

Boy was I wrong. The Joys just keep coming. This morning I got email from the Phillies, I was selected in the lottery for World Series Tickets. I have tickets to Game 3!

And the joys just keep coming. Pac Man Jones is out - suspended indefinitely, Felix Jones is out!

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