Thursday, October 16, 2008

Magic Beans

I got a pretty nice email the other morning from the Phillies.

Back up a week. I stopped by Zach's desk to see what was happening. Somehow we got on the subject of Phillies tickets and he told me about the lottery for playoff tickets that the Phillies were having. The NLCS lottery was over but the World Series Lottery was happening soon and you could still sign up for a chance to buy tickets along with all the rest of Philly.

I entered the lottery which for some reason I thought was to be held on the 9th of October.

At 8:55 yesterday I got an email from the Phillies. I had an opportunity for post season tickets from 9 AM to 9 PM. I was shocked since I thought the lottery had taken place and I assumed I didn't win.

I immediately checked NTP for the most accurate time and at exactly 9:00:00 I attempted to log in with the user name and password that came in the email. Luckily, I had no meetings or guess what, I was going to be late.

I nearly crapped my pants when they worked.

I could buy up to 3 SRO, Obstructed or Reserved seats. I selected "Best Available" and up came three seats in 304, first row in game 3 for $125 a piece for a grand total of $405 with all the taxes, fees etc.

Out came the credit card and ....I froze.

I had not cleared this purchase with the budget review committee, of which I am a junior, auxiliary member.

I literally turned to the phone and stared at it, turned to the screen with my three world series tickets, turned back to phone, back to the PC, back to the phone. I must have done that for what seemed an eternity.

Finally, common sense kicked in. Yeah, right I'll just wait until the next time the Phillies are in the World Series and I win a once-in-a-billion ticket lottery to purchase tickets and make sure I have the proper approvals.

I pressed buy. I figure worst case, I'd sell them on stub hub.

Then, in the back of my mind, I thought what if this some sort of Internet phishing thing? Was that really the Phillies site? I just clicked on some link in my mail and gave them a credit card, was I insane?

I went back and checked the site and felt better about it.

Then I called the rest of the committee.

"Hi. I just spent $405 on Phillies tickets"

Well, you would have thought I sold the family cow for magic beans.

I Said "I bought World Series tickets" as if I were saying "But you don't understand, they are magic beans, you put them in the ground and magic happens"

After her co-workers over heard the conversation and when they were amazed that she had World Series tickets, it was a different story. "Oh, OK who is going?" she asked.

"Why you are, honey" This isn't my first time around the block.

"And of Course Mr C"

Fast forward to tonight. She is rearranging her work schedule for that weekend so she is clear to go to Game 3. Let's just say she isn't the biggest baseball fan. In fact, this is more like a Catholic heading off to Mecca. Somehow, another friend came up in conversation and she said "You really should take X (the friend)".

Did you ever say something you know is just trouble and then say it anyway? For some reason at this point, I said "Well you know we can get $1000 each for those".

As the words were leaving my lips, I knew I had made a mistake.

"A THOUSAND Dollars?"

I had thought about that too. That's a lot of money.

I forcefully as I could I told her that if she wasn't going, I had a long line of people that wanted to go. We were not selling anything. Besides, how can you think of selling magic beans? This was true, I had a lot of new best friends since getting the tickets and they all wanted to go. God forbid I ever win the lottery. I would hate having all those people expecting something from you.

So we are going to the World Series Game 3 Saturday and I can't wait.

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