Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Vortex

Our dishwasher broke this week. It made a noise and both of us looked at it strangely since in the X years we've had it, I don't think it made a peep. I say X years because we have no idea exactly how long we have had it. I thought it was pretty new until we thought about it. It must be over 10 years old.

Yesterday I worked at home and waited for the repairman to come and have a look to see it was something stupid. The something stupid turned out to be having the repair man out. It cost $80 to have him pronounce last rights. Oh, it can be fixed but the cost of replacing the pump and motor are about the cost of buying a new one.

So, off we go to the appliance store.

This is a slippery slope. I know. I've played before.

You start out replacing a faulty dishwasher and end up replacing the entire kitchen, the hall carpet, two pets and a garage door.

It goes like this.

You find the perfect dishwasher but it is stainless steel instead of black. It's a good deal. You buy the stainless steel dishwasher. Of course now it looks ridiculous with the black refrigerator and stove so it's back to the appliance dealer for new stainless steel appliances even though the fridge and stove are fine, they just don't match. You justify it by saying you need a fridge for the garage anyway and "I never liked that stove".

The stove arrives and behold! you need a new electric line run for the new stove. You hire an electrician who makes holes in the ceiling in the hall leading to the kitchen. You end up painting the hall a new color after fixing the dry wall. Well that new hall color can't go with that carpet so it's off the carpet store.

How can you possibly have that old floor with new kitchen appliances? Off the flooring goods store and so it goes - on and on until you find yourself at the garage door and you say enough!

I've also learned that you need to keep moving or you will get replaced as well. Try to blend in. It turns out the dogs aren't that quick.

Since we have no dishwasher that means washing everything by hand. This in turn leads to a "discussion at increased audio volumes" about actually how to wash dishes. Even though we have have had automatic dishwashers most of our adult lives, we both claim expertise in the area. Each presents the other with a resume of dishwashing experience.

"Well my mother never had a dishwasher when I was going up and they put in the one she has now after we were married" she says.
"You need a tub and drain board" I say.
"You need to rinse off all the soap or we'll get sick" I say.
"We don't have room for drain board!" she says.

I make a mental note "Buy plastic-ware and throw away dishes".

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