Monday, September 29, 2008


I was food shopping last Sunday in the former Stop-'N-Shop that is now a Shoprite and while perusing the meat section, I found the bargain of the century.

I found almost a pound of Filet Mignon for 87 cents.

I am not making this up. There was a package of Filet Mignon marked $1.01 per pound.

Here is picture.

So I put it in my cart.

And that was all I could think about.

My 87 cent Filet.

I carefully chose a checkout line. No, not the sassy black lady. Not an older one. A young one.

I'm fifty, I have a good job, a good family.

I'm stealing meat.

In the check out line my conscience got the better of me and before my carefully chosen checkout girl starts ringing my order, I stop and show her the meat.

I tell her "This can't be right".

She looks at. Apparently this wasn't in the 8 hours of register training she had two months ago.

Often, in situations like this people say stupid things and that's what she did.

She looked at it and helped me with the math.

"Well, it's $1.01 per pound and .86 pounds so you're cool".

You're cool? Are you kidding me?

I ate the steaks.

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