Thursday, September 04, 2008

A different kind of fall.

Its kind of a different fall for us with no Marching Band, Soccer or Scouts. Tonight for example instead of rushing home and making a pizza and running out the door for the weekly scout meeting, I am sitting and watching football in HD. This weekend is going to pour and be windy and I won't be putting up tents, spending the night listening to hurricane force winds blow branches out of the trees nor will I be holding up a 25 foot barn in a car wash.

Oldest son is off at college and seems to be having a good time, yesterday he called after going to Times Square for pizza. His roommates are good (so far) his classes are good (so far).

We get updates from facebook. We're so hip.

Speaking of HD, we finished the redecorating of the family room before Labor day and bought a nice 52 inch LCD HD set. We did zero research. Well we did some research. We asked the guy at Circuit City which one he liked and could we open a credit card.

Compared to the 32 inch tube TV that we had, which seemed OK when we had it, this is unbelievable. You find yourself watching anything that is in HD. Heck the other night, I watched Phil Collins in concert in Rome. I hate Phil Collins. Extreme Alaska? If it's in HD I'm there. We sat mesmerized by Spiderman 3 and Transformers.

But NFL football is unbelievable and so is Baseball. You find yourself looking at people in the stands, watching what they are doing.

Well football is on so I am going to get back to that now.

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